CH32 Standalone Network Video Decoder
The SEEnergy SVD-832 is designed for use with IP cameras and SEEnergy’s NVRs. The high quality network media player acts as a network video decoder which is equipped with HDMI/VGA interface that can outputs multiple real-time videos from the NVRs and IP cameras up to full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The video decoder provides live video view and playback. The built-in USB ports can be used to connect a USB hard disk for backup purpose. Simplyconnect the device to an external monitor and all operations can be done with mouse & keyboard on a friendly user interface. It also supports video wall mode can be controlled by SEEnergy CMS software. The device is built with high performance DSP processor and provide superior reliability with an embedded OS.
Feature Highlights

Manage up to 32 Network Cameras
Multi-Channel Full HD live video & playback display
Support up to 5Mp camera
Support standalone mode and video wall mode
Two-way Audio, G.711, G.726
Export Playback Videos to AVI
HDMI/VGA local display for conguration,live & playback
Easy operation with USB keyboard,& mouse
Web-based remote conguration
SEEnergy Smart NVR Search
Support multi-stream
Support major brand network cameras, Onvif ProfileS & SEEnergy NVR

Dual Display Monitor

The SVD-832 has built-in VGA and HDMI interaces, allowing operations on two monitors at the same time. You can be searching and viewing the archived recorded data on one monitor, while still keeping the live video monitor and receiving events on another. No more switching between multiple windows or going through layers of menus when you are just trying to perform a single task. Effectiveness and simplicity are what the new interace is all about. The max. display channel on both monitors is 20 totally in standalone mode. In video wall mode, it can display 9 channels on each monitor.


Network camera compatibility

The SVD-832 supports SEEnergy, Onvif ProfileS and major brands network camera. Major brands network cameras are integrated by CGI commands and low level protocol. It supports camera auto-search, event notification, video parameter configuration, audio post and event notification.

In standalone mode, SVR-823 is controlled by mosue, keyboard and joystick. The friendly user interface allows user to operate it easily. It can control SEEnergy NVR remotely, display live video and play videos from NVR.